koupit knihu


The world is diverse – it includes highlands and lowlands, hot and cold, day and night. We should not be surprised – that even the people are diverse, and in many aspects. From the philosophical perspective, humankind is divided (with slight exaggeration) into two groups: “I know that I know nothing, and that’s why I welcome new knowledge.” and the opposite pole “I know everything, I’ve done everything, and I have been everywhere twice!”

Those in the first group will embrace this (trilogy) book with gratitude because it will bring them much new information and, at the same time, a few urgent questions for reflection will arise. The “others” group – on the other hand – will be outraged, because this book also formulates “impudent” opinions that are in direct conflict with the “truth”, precognition, and knowledge of this “erudite” part of the population.
The second group will feel an urge to sermonize and “tear to pieces” the author of the book for his opinions. Mainly because of them, it is necessary to declare that:

The (trilogy) book TIME THEORY is not compulsory reading – we open the book voluntarily! The author doesn’t bear any accountability towards the readers for possible mental harm. The author welcomes every possibility of communication with the reader of his book… however, he reserves the right to react only in the case that the mutual contact is held properly and factually. Communication (or input on social networks) that will not respect the right of free speech, principles of polemic or simple social courtesy – will be ignored.

“The Others” would rather not open this book (web)! 🙂