koupit knihu

About the author


Tomas Kosumbersky (*1967) is living in Rumburk (in the north of Czech Republic).

He studied economics (Technical University of Liberec), he’s been dedicated to the area of economics and management his whole professional life – the last decade in the field of dentistry.

Today, Tomas is the president of the Czech Dental Academy and editor-in-chief of the magazine DentalCare. In this field, he exhibits rich publishing and lecturing activity.

Tomas is more of a recreational sportsman (he enjoys squash the most), plays the piano quite well, and dedicates his free time mainly to exploring in the area of physics and astrophysics, of which the book "Time theory" you can reach here.

The author started his public activity in the area of physics in 2016 – by first (Czech) edition of this book.